5th Grade
Hello! My name is Ashley Anderson and I am the 4th and 5th grade teacher for Edith L. Frierson Elementary. I am originally from Myrtle Beach, SC and have enjoyed growing up on The Grand Strand. My hobbies are that I love to surf, read and drink coffee to my hearts content. I am a recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University and when graduated I received my BA in Elementary Education along with an added on certificate in Special Education.  Prior to teaching at Edith L. Frierson  I interned at Lakewood Elementary in a 5th grade classroom. During my internship I gained valuable insight on teaching GT students as well as how to apply technology in my classroom. The knowledge that I had gained  form that experience greatly influenced my drive for teaching Upper Elementary students as well influencing my students to want to aim for the stars in their education as well as their future careers.

 In my classroom my goal is to have my 4th and 5th grade students  reach their fullest potential. To have students reach their fullest potential we plan and set goals for each quarter. In my classroom all of my students are on an individual learning path where they have to master a skill to be able to move on to the next skill. At Edith L, Frierson it is essential for us to integrate technology in our school day. All of our programs that we use are personalized to our students reading levels and math skill levels. In ELA we use Achieve 3000, MyOn, Book Creator and PicCollage. In Math we use Aleks, FrontRow and Reflex. During Social Students we focus on Collaborative projects and in Science we dive into working with our Fossil Science kits. All of these efforts are are to ensure that our students are socially, emotionally and academically prepared to be lifelong learners.